Monday, June 15, 2009

Unemployment has its benefits

They say that being unemployed is a full-time job, but the fact is, after you've checked in with unemployment, run through a number of on-line job sources, applied for something promising and checked your post office box, well, there's a little time for culture.

And I have a new favorite sport -- Figure 8 Trailer Racing. The goal is to go around a figure-eight track the fastest without losing your trailer. As you can hear, this is a sport that is taken very, very seriously.

If nothing turns up, you'll know where to look for me next. You can earn $300 for winning one of these races, after all.


ronnie said...

Immediately shared it with my gearhead brother. Thanks!

Good luck with the job search... are you looking north of the border, too? If not, you should be... you have an excellent understanding of Canadian politics and culture (municipal, provincial and federal)...

Nostalgic for the Pleistocene said...

If the American Library Association does not adapt this idea to bookmobiles for the next ALA convention, they deserve to lose all that ticket money.

Mike said...

Ruth, the rules say you have to empty out the campers of pots, pans, etc., but I think we should make a rule that the bookmobile shelves could be filled with donated National Geographics, Reader Digest books and outdated encyclopedias.

(And ronnie, the problem with looking north of the border is that I make my living with language, and I don't have the skills to get by in the parts of Canada I'd want to be in -- monolingual places like St. Johns and Lake Louise being a bit far from family.)