Thursday, June 04, 2009

Parçalı Bulutlu with a chance of Yağmur

For some reason, decided to publish the details of the weather forecast in a language that, cosmopolitan a guy as I am, I couldn't quite parse. Click on the above illustration for details.

A search for a term on the first screen, today's conditions, brought the information that "Parçalı Bulutlu" is Turkish for "partly cloudy." (According to Babylon, "patchworked cloudy.")

The word in tomorrow's forecast, highlighted above, "Açık," is less specific and translates as "n. shortage, deficient amount, shortfall, deficiency, deficit;adv. expressly, in blank, explicitly;adj. open, uncovered, wide open, visible, apparent, obvious, bare, clear, unclouded, cloudless, definite, exposed, blank, aboveground, articulate, avowed, broad, candid, categorical, clean cut, clear-cut, confessed, crystal, decided, declared;v. get hungry, feel hungry, feel peckish

In meteorological terms, I assume we should use "clear, unclouded, cloudless." Good news for early Friday, the period I was actually inquiring about.

However, just after noon, we're looking at "Yağmur Olasılığı," which translates to "possibility of rain."

I'll guess I'll just cross my parmak and hope for the en iyi.


ronnie said...

Dammit, I hate it when I accidentally hit the "Turkish" button and can't figure out how to back out. For a month I was planning my wardrobe based on parçalı bulutlu with a chance of yağmur.

Back in the real world, here in Canada there is some CTRL-SOMETHING on the lower left of the keyboard that turns on the French keyboard. Once activated, for example, an attempt to type a question mark (shift-?) gives you a é instead. (How francophones actually type a question mark, I have no idea.) I accidentally hit his combo about once every three months and am forced to reboot - sometimes several times - to escape Accidental French Land.

The weather in Turkish is easier.

Mark Jackson said...

Accidentally? Under Canadian law you're required to use that mode one month out of three. . . .

Jean said...

That was good :))))

Sorry, it must have been irritating to you, but the account was quite funny :)

I hope the day is patchworked cloudy ;)