Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A courageous stand against racism

WHITE HOUSE (AP) -- President Bush says recent displays of nooses are disturbing, and show that some Americans are losing sight of suffering that African Americans have endured throughout history.

Marking African American history month at the White House, Bush says the era of lynching is "a shameful chapter in American history." He says displaying a noose "is not a harmless prank," and that the word "lynching" shouldn't be mentioned in jest.

Bush says the noose is a symbol of "gross injustice," and that Americans should agree that displaying a noose is "deeply offensive."

Wow. What a breakthrough!


Sherwood Harrington said...

Absolutely, W, the noose is a symbol of gross injustice. Here's a picture of one such in this week's "Black Agenda Report":

Speaking of executions and "gross injustice," here's a nifty little article in the New York Review of Books concerning a book about the practices of a recent governor of Texas whose state executed 152 persons during his six-year watch:

The guy's a real piece of work, isn't he? Nice bust, by the way. Know where I can get one?

Sherwood Harrington said...

Never mind about the bust. I just read the fine print in the photo, went to the website, and had a good laugh at the price.

Dann said...

I'd get the Reagan bust first. The image is almost as inspiring as the man.

Serious question, Mike. What was GWB supposed to do about these noosings? Most of them occurred on college campuses which are already so PC that administrators squeak when they walk. If they guilty are revealed, they will certainly be subjected to fines, community service labor, and re-educati....indoctrinati....they'll have to attend special classes.

And in the remaining cases, the local prosecutor is already prosecuting.

What more needs to be done?


Mike said...

I wasn't suggesting the federal gov't do anything about them. I don't believe that's the role of the feds.

I just thought it was pretty funny that he would make this statement and that it would be reported on, since it seems rather an obvious point that should go without saying. Oh, and it's not good to have those separate drinking fountains, either, you know. No, no, it's not. You're indisputably correct on that point, sir!