Thursday, February 14, 2008

After the ice storm

Having mentioned how the dogs don't mind stomping out their yard after each storm, an extreme example of how kibble is more important than comfort.

Destry stays in the already-broken area, but Ziwa is perfectly willing to deal with a crust that is almost -- but not quite -- thick enough to support an 80-pound dog, as long as there is more kibble out there to be eaten.

This kind of entertainment makes it worth coming home for lunch, and the dogs enjoy a little midday snack, too.


ronnie said...

Oh, my god, this is hilarious! Ziwa reminds me of nothing so much as "Bambi on Ice" - "Did the Young Prince[ss] fall down?" asks Thumper - while the snow on Destry's face is some kind of wonderful. (I think he may have invented 'Whiteface' Theatre.) What a great video! So full of life and joy.

Sherwood Harrington said...

Can I start a Ziwa fan club?

Destry's just too damn' sensible. How did you manage to raise a Republican dog?

Nostalgic for the Pleistocene said...

If Destry is an example of some new trend in Republican thinking, there might be hope for the country after all!

I did love watching all this joy-in-today enthusiasm.

Uncle Jed said...

Ziwa's tail actually stops wagging when she is concentrating...I'm not sure how much cerebral engagement tail wagging requires, but clearly all power is momentarily diverted to getting on top of the snow...

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