Saturday, May 12, 2007

Who's my mommy?

Okay, here are four eggs, with a quarter to give you some sense of perspective (though observe that the quarter is against the drawers while the eggs are touching it, but sticking out more).

The question is, what kinds of eggs are they? The hints I'll give are that no wild nests were disturbed in making this photo, and that I have already eaten some of the evidence and intend to eat the rest, too, while it's still fresh.

Answers at the end of the weekend.

(Love this country living!)


Brian Fies said...

Left to right: Chicken, bigger chicken, goose, exploded chicken.

Mike said...

Well, you're two out of four in terms of species, and one out of four in terms of position. Remember that Mr. Adams lives in a green house and drinks coffee.

Sherwood Harrington said...

Chicken, duck, republican, and goose.

You're not really going to eat the quarter, are you?

Mike said...

Given my knowledge of your political leanings and general talent for sarcasm, we could have a winner here.

And I'll eat the quarter, but it would cost you more than 25 cents to watch.

Sherwood Harrington said...

I confess that I cheated: I had to Google for the speckled one.

Mike said...

Indeed, as Sherwood intimated, it runs chicken, duck, turkey, goose. They all taste pretty much the same, understanding, of course, that they all taste like free-range, fresh eggs, which makes a substantial difference.

The goose egg, mind you, was an meal, with a yolk the size of an entire chicken egg. And, while dropping it would have produced a mess, tapping it on the side of the pan was not sufficient to break the shell -- I had to give it quite a crack.