Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Johanna schmoozes

"Now, when I hand you back to Daddy, I want you to spit up on that Green Party t-shirt ... "


ronnie said...


Gosh, look how big she's gotten so fast! (They will do that, though, won't they?)

What's her opinion of his universal health care plan?

And did she tell him that she reserves spit up for Republican Party shirts?

Sherwood Harrington said...

What were you guys just now saying about using children for political statements over on hearing/loss?

I, however, am unburdened by such scruples -- and I laughed so hard that I, um, drooled.

Mike said...

When her daddy was quite a bit older than she is now -- 8 or 9, I think -- I got a picture of him with Broncos placekicker Rich Carlis. I promise you, if I had had a blog back then, I'd have put that picture up there.

This isn't about making political statements. It's about name-dropping!

Sherwood Harrington said...

... and now Barack has a good name -- Johanna -- to drop, doesn't he?

One of the things I love about that picture is the intense look on the face of the Secret Service guy glaring at the camera in the background. Those guys are always so obvious (well, at least the obvious ones are obvious) that I wonder why they keep the "Secret" in the name.

Reminds me of when I was at Amherst, a year ahead of David Eisenhower. The Secret Service detail that followed him and Julie Nixon (a Smithie) around on their dates in the '68-'69 school year was almost funny in its lack of subtlety.

One Sunday, a friend and I were on a double date at a nice restaurant in Northampton. The Detail came in, two gray suits at a time, until they occupied four small tables, leaving an empty fifth one surrounded. Nearby, the four of us rolled eyes at each other, knowing what was coming.

David and Julie came in shortly after, and of course were seated at the empty fifth table. The wait staff was all a-twitter, and our very young waitress soon came to our table and stage-whispered, "Do you know who they are?" Full of a 21-year-old's bravado, I snapped back, "Yes. Don't you know who I am?"

I don't recall exactly what her response was, but, man, did we get superb and attentive service for the rest of the meal.

How's that for name dropping?