Friday, August 18, 2006

Here we go again.

School is just around the corner and I've got mountains of stuff to get done in the next two weeks. This year's serial combines mythology and astronomy and, unfortunately, I don't really know much about astronomy except what I learned in Earth Science ... well, so long ago that some of the stars have moved since then. I'm way out of my comfort zone with this stuff, but it will be pretty cool when I'm done. (Fortunately, I have the help of a friend. Unfortunately, he's out of the country.)

Which either means I won't be updating the blog much or else I'll be posting a lot, and so, by checking in here, you'll be able to tell whether I'm hunkered down or blissfully avoiding what must be done.

The illustration here is a favorite Peanuts simply because so many NIE programs base their entire educational approach on goofy fun stuff of no real value in the classroom. A classic request on the NIE listserv is "Does anyone have the directions for making a pressman's hat?" While I have nothing against making hats, I wish that request was at least equalled, if not outnumbered by, "Does anyone have any really good First Amendment resources?"

In any case, I'll be in the office much of the weekend and I won't be folding hats.


ronnie said...

"I wish that request was at least equalled, if not outnumbered by, 'Does anyone have any really good First Amendment resources?'"

Mike, why do you hate America?

When you talk like that, the terrorists win.

Also, it makes the Baby Jesus cry.


BrianFies said...

Mike, If you want to run any astronomy bits past me, feel free. I'm not a pro (like some people we know) but I'd clasify myself a well-informed amateur with a physics degree who did a little astronomy research in college. I could at least spot any big blunders or red flags.

Funny you'd mention the Pressman's Hat. You may choose to believe or not that I was cleaning out my "Favorite Links" file just yesterday and finally deleted a link to a "How to Make a Pressman's Hat" site that I think you provided on racs long ago. Unfortunately, it didn't pass my "clothes closet" criterion: if you haven't worn it for a year, maybe it's time to get rid of it.

Mike said...

Good thing you've been cleaning out your files, Brian -- you're about to get inundated! (Thanks!)

And we already knew ronnie was headed straight for the inferno. Any time you wanna spend the winter in Cuba, we've got a place on the Bay just picked out for troublemakers like you ... just check in at your nearest border crossing and start your vacation!

Mark Jackson said...

"Help" from older brothers is risky; Sally could have done a lot worse.

Mike said...

One of my favorite story arcs in Peanuts was years ago when Lucy was teaching Linus about trees -- that a palm tree was so called because it was narrow enough that you could put your palm around it, and that telephone poles were a type of tree the phone company planted because they had no branches. Charlie Brown remarked that Linus was going to have to go to school twice as long, simply to unlearn what his big sister had taught him.

Sherwood Harrington said...

Brian protesteth too much his "amateur" status. He is, after all, the person who introduced the protractor as an instrument of comic strip analysis. That degree of dedication to scientific principles is staggering.