Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Drawing Conclusions goes light on the politics this week with a look at Pluto's demotion through the eyes of the Toronto Star's Dave "Andy" Anderson and the Detroit News's Henry Payne.

Meanwhile, Nellie Bly takes the anniversary of Katrina as an occasion to do a little reflecting on how tight deadlines and bogus numbers intersect in the news business.



ronnie said...

I think Nellies' "reporting on my reporting and my rethinking of my reporting" is absolutely wonderful here.

She's teaching kids about how news gets made, not just what news gets made, and that's so important for developing an intelligent, critical mind.

As usual, I'm amazed at how you - er, Nellie - can reduce complex concepts into understandable stories that respect your readers. This is a blue-ribbon effort on Nellie's part IMO.


Mike said...

Aw, Nellie's blushin'

Tune in next week -- It's her fifth anniversary! Not sure of specifics, but there will be some retrospection going on. And, yes, that means her second week was marked by the attacks on the WTC. Our girl got a baptism of fire.