Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Bear in Hammock video -- A public service

Ronnie writes: "You know, Mike, I think that forevermore I shall think of incredibly stupid, inane, vapid media fluff pieces as "bear in a hammock" stories."

Especially if you were alone in a hotel with no Internet access and this clip, playing over and over on the news. Admittedly without the annoying soundtrack.

Or the potential bruises of this poor bruin's endlessly replayed adventure.


BrianFies said...

And yet, somehow, the memories of those two film clips will stay with me longer than anything I've seen on CNN in the past year. I'll be 100 years old, peace will reign throughout the Middle East, all environmental problems will be solved, and I'll sit in my rocking chair telling my great-grandchildren, "Hey, did I tell you the story of the bear in the hammock?"

Mike said...

By then, you'll be able to put on a black sweatsuit and act it out for them!

ronnie said...

The Futurama world's evening news show is a wonderful spoof of real world network news - with a twist.

It's hosted by a vapid, giggling female human anchor and her seethingly angry male alien cohost, Mordo. Fry is channel-surfing one day when he hits on the news, in-progress:

Female anchor: "...and that kitten played with that ball of yarn alllll dayyyy lonnnng."
Mordo (shouts angrily): "Mordo eat kittens!"

Mike said...

More Mordo, please.