Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Go-fer wanted. College degree preferred.
(A look at what's out there. At least the job title is honest.)

Other duties as assigned
Midwest, United States
Job Status: Full-time
Salary: Not Specified
Ad Expires:
August 18, 2009
Job ID: 1046997

Here’s your chance to use all of your skills for a small daily newspaper in a rural Kansas community close enough to metropolitan areas to feel the competition.

We’re looking for a reporter with the skills to be a jack of all trades. Working a beat or two will be your primary reponsibility, but you'll also be copy editing for fellow reporters, laying out some pages, shooting photos, uploading to the Web site and doing generally anything that needs doing to give our readers all the news they want in a 24-7 multimedia news operation.

The ideal candidate will be someone who follows the stories rather than the clock. We’re looking for someone who recognizes news, understands the need to hustle to beat local and area competition and is willing to step in wherever needed.

A degree in journalism is preferred, but solid work experience will be considered, too. Additional skills, like multimedia and photography, are beneficial.

Evaluations of applicants begins immediately. Please indicate whether clips are online. If not, we will screen resumes and request clips.

(I'm packin' my bags, folks! Nothing I want more than to move to Kansas for a job with no particular pay range in which you are expected to do everyone else's job for a company that won't identify itself. What? Are they afraid the poor exploited idiot currently in this position will see the ad and become disheartened??)


Jean said...

Looks very interesting, Mike!! :-)
I am tempted to send my application!

Mike said...

Ask them if you can telecommute. You shouldn't have to move for a job that isn't going to be any fun anyway.

Jean said...

I was only joking! No plans to move from my comforts out here...

Mike said...

Oh, I figured that. But some poor kid will take this job, or some desperate mid-career type, and while they won't have to move quite as far as you would, it will still be a bad move. Several of the people cut loose when my old paper folded last week are looking for jobs outside the industry -- and they're very wise to do so, alas.