Sunday, January 04, 2009

A surprisingly interesting site

After their having put together some ridiculous commercials (sometimes funny, sometimes in questionable taste, often both) and some ridiculous web-toys (ditto), I approached with a great deal of skepticism, but figured I had to see what it was.

Having watched the video, my theory is that the usual gang of wise-asses came up with the idea, but that, by the time it was assigned to someone who could actually accomplish it, there was a change in how they approached it. I really expected some condescending, smirking nonsense, but it looks like the people who completed the project had a good time.

And I wouldn't worry that they did much to alter the pristine cultures of the people they visited. We in the West have done considerably worse, and generally with far more noble intentions.


Uncle Jed said...

Well, first of all I must point out that life has come full circle when Dad is getting me to watch a Stacy Peralta video. This was a great little film!

Food has always been central to my travel experience. I recognize many of those expressions from watching shipmates try the local delicacies...

Anonymous said...

So when can we expect seal meat at BK an Mickey D's ?