Monday, January 19, 2009

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Darrin Bell has made the ultimate comment on Tuesday's festivities. His Sunday Candorville strip is now available as a poster, and I would suggest that not only is it a fine thing to have in general, but that, if you teach, you need this for your classroom, if not all the time, at least every February. I am staunchly opposed to viewing MLK Day as a holiday for African-Americans -- if it is, then he failed. But I'm perfectly thrilled to envision this crowd at the inauguration of Barack Obama, assuming that they have been waiting, not always patiently, praise the Lord, to be included in the words "we" and "us."

And I hope Darrin refuses to provide a list of who they all are. If you don't know, look'em up. Talk about it with people. Figure it out. Because all this didn't happen without a whole lot of people making an effort.

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Then buy the poster for your grandchildren.)

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ronnie said...

This is outstanding. Of course, Darrin's such a class act that it would be like him to come up with something like this to honour the occasion.

Nice to see Eisenhower recognized, and LBJ included. I think sometimes LBJ is overlooked as a force for civil rights due to his personal flaws. Kennedy is remembered as a great champion of civil rights, but people forget that Johnson signed the legislation and dealt with the ugly fallout. Even if he was a flawed man who sometimes did the right thing with gritted teeth, the results of that legislation for people of colour in the south were the same.