Sunday, December 21, 2008

By Request

After I posted my first blog entry from New Hampshire, it was suggested that I post the same 360-degree view after winter had set in. I must say, I hadn't expected to be able to fulfill that request quite so soon.

So here's how the place looked on Hannukah, with a white Christmas very much in the wings despite rumors of rain. Note that, in February, it will likely look much like this except that the snow will be deeper. Considerably deeper. You certainly won't see the edge of the porch as you can here.

I should point out that, the last time I did this, there was a half-unloaded UHaul in the background, silently chiding me for shooting video when I had other things I should be doing. For continuity's sake, in this version, I have positioned two big piles of snow in the yard, which are actually piles of firewood that should have been stacked on the porch three weeks ago.

Well, at least they won't mold.

There is some lack-of-continuity in this: The dogs were wandering around the yard in the first video. In this one, they are not. Instead, they were here:


Sherwood Harrington said...

Your front door isn't blocked by a big pile of snow from the roof! Where's the fun in that?

Smart dogs, though.

Nostalgic for the Pleistocene said...

That's just exquisitely beautiful! And i guess it's near enough to public roads so that a heavy snow won't leave you unable to get to work or the store. But it looks like the world is a million miles away. That's probably the ideal setup!

richardcthompson said...

Jeez, I can almost smell the snow and hear the silence.

Our local weather today tended more flash floods without the rain.

Mike said...

1. Stay tuned, Sherwood. It's only December. I don't think the pile will come from the roof, but I'll be interested in seeing what blows in off the lake.

2. Ruth, the commute is ridiculously easy. There is a long driveway, but the landlord has it plowed. Then it's another quarter mile to a well-traveled but not busy road. I can see a little bit of traffic from the house if I look for it, so I don't.

2. Richard, yeah, gotta watch for those rainless flash floods, but they do make amusing video from the rest of us. Fortunately for me, we don't transport snow in large pipes under the street, so I can be pretty sure that my next blizzard will come from above.