Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Huh? By what logic, eh?

I was intending to respond to Jimmy Johnson's request for enlightenment on the appeal of the World Cup, but am kind of tied up earning a living today. I'll try to get back to the topic, but, meanwhile, in the course of looking for cartoons, I came across this spectacular example of illogic from Rick McKee of the Augusta Chronicle.

Yes, folks, McKee explains it all: The reason Americans haven't been watching the World Cup is that we've been working to solve the crises of the world. The war in Iraq, nukes in North Korea, genocide in Darfur -- okay, not that one, but we've at least worried about it -- and the potential for a war with Iran (for or against, it's still been preying upon us mightily). And the rest of the world? Not a damn care, any of them! No earthquakes, no wars, no tsunami rebuilding, no missiles flying over THEIR air space, no disputed elections, no terrorist attacks.

The fact is, the whole damn world is paradise except for the US, and because of the US. And what's the result? We don't have time to watch the World Cup, nor the peace of mind to enjoy it.

Which is why we didn't watch it. Or the Superbowl last January. Or "American Idol." Or the World Series, the NBA Finals, Desperate Housewives ... Americans have given up on all forms of entertainment entirely. We're too busy taking care of the world.

Thanks, Rick. Now we understand.

When I do my political cartooning presentation in schools, besides all the examples of great cartoons, I have a few other examples. This one might make that cut.

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Vt Teacher said...

I guess the optimistic view of the cartoon is that Uncle Sam is busy taking the garbage out....

With garbagemen like these, who needs litterers?