Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Waiting for the vacuum cleaner, or someone like him

I had two granddaughters over for dinner and a movie the other night. After they left, I had to pick up a few pieces of popcorn from the floor.

It really made me feel put upon: I haven't had to pick up food from the floor in a very long time. I think it was 1997 when my dog O'Malley had a heart attack, and I had to wait three or four weeks for Destry to be old enough to leave his mother and come live with me.

Before that, it was another three- or four-week stint between giving up Creamcheese, a dog I had been keeping for an ex-girlfriend who finally moved off-campus, and joining up with Taylor, a little mix who provided laughs, mostly at his own expense, for the next 14 years. That was in September, 1970.

So Vaska arrives Friday, and popcorn isn't the only thing I'm getting up off the floor between now and then, because popcorn isn't the only thing that he's going to decide belongs in his mouth. It's been a long time since I've had to puppy-proof a home and I am not running out of things to do while I wait for the vacuum cleaner.

UPDATE: The vacuum cleaner will not arrive until Monday, possibly Tuesday. He had a bit of minor surgery -- the sort of thing that is absolutely necessary but not major -- and apparently got a couple of his stitches yanked while he was playing with the Big Dogs. So there's some swelling that needs to come down and he'll be along shortly. And I just won't make popcorn until then.


Brian Fies said...

So sorry to read about Ziwa. I think one of the most humane things humans do is caring for and loving an animal knowing from the start that they're going to lose it someday. Yet we still do it.

When our girls were infants, we had a little mutt named Katie who helped our parenting quite a bit. Most kids go through a phase of throwing their food off the high chair. That phase was short-lived for our girls, who quickly learned that if something edible hit the floor they weren't getting it back. Karen and I only had three fast rules for raising the girls, and Rule #3 was "Once it leaves the table, it's Katie's."

I could use another dog.

ronnie said...

Oh, no you couldn't, Brian. I'm sure the girls' eating habits have improved substantially.

Brian Fies said...

Yeah, but mine are getting worse.

Jean said...

Awww... So we have to wait a few more days for Vaska to appear at the blog! :(

Jean said...

I mean his stories!

Mike said...

oh, he'll appear, and the stories he will have to tell! (Don't believe any of them.)