Saturday, February 06, 2010

Remembering a neighbor

Not me. I just got here, and I live about 25 miles too far away anyhow. But plenty of people down the road a bit lost a good neighbor recently.

Here's how they'd help him out.

Here's how they remember him.

Folks around here make good neighbors. And, yes, sometimes good fences come into it, to reference another New Englander. I think even Frost must have known, as Jerry clearly did, that you can always reach over, even climb over, a good fence.


Ronnie said...

Lovely, Mike. Thanks.

ronnie said...

I loved the stories about how his neighbours protected him from the "hordes of English majors" who came looking for him. Especially how the degree of the wild goose chase they'd send them on depended on the attitude of the seeker.