Sunday, March 01, 2009

Slant it right, but get it right

Tucker Carlson tries to explain to a roomful of conservatives that getting the facts doesn't always mean pleasing them, but that getting it wrong leads to failure, and that failure to gather news at all is pointless. By the end, they seem to be getting it.

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ronnie said...

Integrity from Tucker Carlson of all people. Who'd'a thunk it?

The amount of heckling he gets is indicative of how heavy the blinkers are that the RNC is wearing these days. Mention of NYT = Pavlovian derision. Those guys are in serious, serious trouble.

In other news, in Canada CPAC stands for Canadian Parliamentary Access Channel, Canada's version of C-SPAN. So some of the headlines I've been reading this week have been just, um, surreal.

But not as surreal as when Michelle Bachman yelled "YOU BE DA MAN" at a visibly embarrassed Michael Steele. That was an out-of-body moment.