Friday, January 25, 2008

Learning from the best

Jeff Danziger explains his work and cartooning in general. I was running late and never should have clicked on this -- it's brilliant stuff. Like his cartoons, he gets to the point, makes sense and entertains. The guy is one of two or three of the best in the business, and when I was doing a weekly educational feature on cartooning I used to have to discipline myself from turning it into the Jeff Danziger Show and simply running one of his cartoons each time.

Found an on-line source for his cartoon strip, the Teeds, too, but I really, really have to get to the office ... Incidentally, he is listed as being with the Rutland Herald but it's something of a flag of convenience and he spends most of his time in NYC. Which is the only reason I could possibly feel sorry for him, because he appears to have a pretty good niche carved out for himself!


Dann said...

YouTube works.

Picture broken.


Sherwood Harrington said...

YouTube works.
Picture works.
Dann broken?

Thanks for the interview, Mike! Good stuff.

Nostalgic for the Pleistocene said...

Ruth broken too. In both IE and Firefox, which is unusual. Great interview, though!

Mike said...

I'm having trouble replicating the problem ... mostly because I'm not sure what it is. The YouTube link works. Is it the link to the Teeds that isn't coming up for you guys? Are you getting audio only on the interview?

What picture is broken??

I love it when a blog post inspires discussion ...

Nostalgic for the Pleistocene said...

Maybe it's just an IE hiccup.

When i go to this blog entry in IE, there's a box the same size as the youtube rectangle, just above it. Only empty, with an error "x" in the corner.

But in Firefox it's not there at all. Didn't know what Dann meant till i checked it in IE. Sherwood says it works...? So now i'm thinking he means the video portion of youtube works (which it does, fine), and there's no item above it at all.

I'm from Philadelphia. I'm all confused.

Mike said...


Okay, ignore it. When Dan's comment first came in, I was at work, where we are Mac, and I found that there were two YouTube images. I decided to wait until I got home to deal with it, and then couldn't replicate it. However, you're not missing anything.

What I did learn at work was that, if you post the same YouTube video twice, you can make them run simultaneously a couple of seconds apart. I don't know what that's worth, but it's an interesting effect.

Meanwhile, Jeff's interview is incredible and his strip is better than most stuff that's out there. Good stuff indeed, which is what I would expect from him, but a delightful surprise nonetheless. I had no idea it existed!

Ronnie said...

Mine works fine and you know how computer-illiterate I am.


Sherwood Harrington said...

Yes, you got it, Ruth: I see nothing above the YouTube sample image trigger.

"Teeds" is just flat-out wonderful. Mike, do you know if Danziger produces strips on a regular schedule for the paper, if he's trying to syndicate it, etc.? (The fact that each individual entry has a title implies to me that he may not think of it as a strip-a-day kind of thing -- and the subtitle, "Tales of Agriculture for Young and Old" isn't exactly the kind of thing a marketing focus group would find salesworthy, so he may not *want* it to have the draggy obligations of syndication.)

Whatever Danziger's ideas concerning further distribution, I am *damn* happy to have access to it. It beats hell out of 99% of the efforts we talk about over on racs, even accounting for his misspelling of the word "victuals" in one of the strips. Thank you, Mike, a whole lot for the link.

Speaking of racs, Mike, are you going to post something about the Teeds over there, or do you want one of us Myrmidons to do it?

Mike said...

Done, and welcome to any racs-kules who have since arrived!

Nostalgic for the Pleistocene said...

The Teeds is a joy! It looks like the strip grew out of illustrated stories Danziger wrote in the '80's (abebooks search):

Dann said...


Thag mode no work on Dann end.

Extra frame above video confuse Thag.

Thag go invent fire. Me no try to help here any more.