Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Reviews are mixed

Ziwa seems to think this stuff is fun and amusing. Des, on the other hand, has seen 9 winters and isn't that enthusiastic about the 10th. We got about a foot of it, but the trail where we walk is a popular snowmobile trail, so it wasn't hard to get along. Except for the one of us who lagged behind wishing he were somewhere else.

However, on a more important level, I got a phone call this afternoon from a woman whose husband had just called her on his cell phone to say that he had found a missing hunter and she should call 911 and get an ambulance standing by. Which she did, but then, bless her heart, she also called me.

He was about 15 miles back in the bush. The hunter had been missing for two days and had been out in this storm the whole time and had that part of Maine pretty much upside down -- but not the part of Maine where the guy brought him out, which was on the other side of some serious backcountry.

I bolted for their place but the ambulance passed me when I had covered about 24 of the 30 miles up there. I wasn't going to get the picture of the hunter being loaded into the ambulance, but I kept going and had a very nice conversation with the guy who had found him.

Of course, his attitude is that he was pleased to be in the right place at the right time and hopes that, if it ever happened to him, that somebody would turn up, too.

I love this place. And, despite what Destry tells you, the snow's pretty nice, too.


ronnie said...

Oh my gosh! Now that's breaking news, and on an important local story.

You have to be loving this, Mike! Breaking local big-news, good-news story - and a source - er, acquaintance - in your new burg alerted you.

That's good old, grass roots journalism. Gosh, I wish they were still doing it in the major markets...

Nostalgic for the Pleistocene said...

What really counts is that you've made yourself well-known - maybe the job takes care of that - and well-liked - your own doing - as part of the community, so people actually think of calling you when stuff happens.

A foot of snow there vs. a foot here: We got about a foot, Christmas '89. Right after Hurricane Hugo. Even Hilton Head got 5 inches. My brother came to get me in his Jeep, since my Tercel wasn't goin' anywhere, and on the way back up he stopped and pulled people out of ditches all the way up the SC coast!