Sunday, August 05, 2007

A chip off the very old block. This is my granddaughter, playing with a dog her parents are dogsitting for. They didn't add a soundtrack, but I'm assuming it is a melange of growling and giggling. I particularly like the part where Johanna turns away and Anna drops the toy over her shoulder in front of her as if to say, "Wait! I'm still playing with you!"

UPDATE: Gabe posted a version with the soundtrack -- it's quite understated but that makes it even better -- two non-verbal types engaging in an intense bit of play and negotiating the rules as they go along. I tried to swap it into the original posting, but ran into enough snags that I decided to just re-do the whole thing, losing a couple of comments. But I like the small giggles and protests that went along with the game. So there.


Mike said...

Anna, by the way, is my new Best Friend in the World.

Nostalgic for the Pleistocene said...

That is one delightful and pretty amazing video!

Gabe said...

Ana is a sweet dog and named after "Louisiana" because that's where she's from. She was rescued as a puppy from Hurricane Katrina and adopted by two good friends of ours.

ronnie said...

Aww, the story of Anna's origins are icing on the cake. Lucky doggie!

I kept watching with some trepidation for Johanna to attempt to put the toy in her mouth - after all, they're both at about the right mental age for 'monkey see, monkey do', right? Happily Johanna proved me wrong :)