Saturday, October 28, 2006

In lieu of visiting my eldest granddaughter on her 10th birthday, I direct your attention to this thoughtful Op-Ed piece from on the state of children's movies, occasioned by the writer attending "Open Season" with her son.

"The exhaustion of the animated genre is clearly evident, but even more troubling, is the fundamental lack of respect for children's intelligence. If they were any good at organizing, perhaps modern kids might take to the streets, protesting this lack of suitable content. Because it truly feels like a desert out there. Kids want to go to the theatre to see movies, the same as anyone else, but there is so little you can actually bear to take them to."


Anonymous said...

Thoughtful, perhaps. But I couldn't stomach the bad grammar long enough to read all the way to the end. That writer desperately needs an editor.

Mike said...

I noticed the same thing, but having worked with editors, sometimes bad editing corrects the grammar and also corrects the thoughts. My copy is relatively clean because I've learned to work without a net. Maybe that's a skill that will become necessary in the on-line world. Meanwhile, *shrug*